Now we’ve got a boat, who’s the captain?

So today (Monday May 7th) was a big day for Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals! We finally picked up our brand new 2018 Heyday WT-Surf!Boat pick up


So the answer to the million dollar question… Who’s the Captain? The answer might just be YOU!!


Here’s a Picture of the first Launch;

Boat Launch.jpg

and Isabelle’s first Surf!

Isabelle's First Surf.jpg

Also a special shout out to Shipwreck Marine in Edmonton and Lighthouse Marine in Sylvan Lake for the great service!

Inland Surfing

Have you ever heard of inland surfing? What is it?

Well seeing as how the prairies don’t have oceans and waves, we have to make our own. The Heyday WT-Surf is specifically designed to create a surf wave. WT stands for Wake Tractor, and Surf uh…. stands for surf.