Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals?

A: SLBR is a locally owned business, we don’t have an expensive storefront or staff. We started this business because we love boats and the lake lifestyle. This allows us to get you, and your favorite people on the water for a lower cost.

Q: How do I Reserve a day?

A: Call, email, or text, Carlos or Greg. We will access our calendar, walk you through the process of booking, what dates are available, and reserve your day. Summer days fill up quick, so contact us soon to ensure your day is available.

Q: What is the damage deposit?

A: The damage deposit is $2500.00 for the surf boats, and $1000 for the sea-doos. This deposit is fully refundable within 24hrs after the rental, providing the boat is returned in the same condition as received. We need to take the boat for a test drive after your rental to ensure no mechanical damage has occurred. We will retain your deposit until this is completed. Please be patient as payment devices and e-transfers can take some time. If you haven’t received your refund within 24hrs please contact us and we will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to have a boating License?

A: The captain of your group needs to have a licence, this can be achieved several ways. If you don’t have one, you can take the course online to get your permanent license, or we can provide you with a temporary licence for the day.  If the Captain wishes to do some water sports as well, we recommend a second person on the boat obtain a licence as well. We have teamed up with @BOATsmart to get you your license at a discount! Use this code: BOATSMART3 and receive $10 off! Codes can be redeemed at:

Q: What happens if damage occurs to the boat?

A: We retain your damage deposit, once we have a total cost for the damage we will send you a receipt, and refund the difference if there is any. If you damage the boat at any point of the rental period, the rental is cancelled and no refunds will be given for time lost. You may be liable for lost rental revenue and further costs above the damage deposit. So lets be safe and responsible on the water. The good news is that if you follow all of our instructions during the orientation this never happens!! We just want everyone to have a great day on the water without any injuries or damage, so please pay attention to what we have to say.

Q: Can I have a discount?

A: Yes, once you have rented a boat from us, and returned it undamaged we offer a repeat customer discount for your next rental. We assume a large risk renting out a very expensive boat. Once we know that you are responsible, and we trust you, we are happy to have you back and make you a better price.

Q: Do I need to launch the boat?

A: Our boats are on the water, and we will meet you at the Sylvan Lake pier.

Q: Can we bring our own equipment?

A: Feel free to bring whatever equipment you feel comfortable using. But we do have, and include, pretty much anything you could ask for.

Q: Whats included in the standard equipment package?

A: The boat comes fully stocked with all necessary safety equipment, and a plethora of life jackets, and water sports gear. Life jackets cover all various shapes and sizes of all lake lovers from infants to xxxl.

Q: What happens if the boat has issues?

A: Call us immediately and we will come to your aid as soon as possible. If we are unable to get the boat up & running, we will escort you to shore on our personal boats.

Q: Is there extra storage for our personal belongings?

A: We try to keep all the safety gear and water sports condensed in a few of the compartments so that there is always available storage for your personal effects.

Q: Can we bring our dogs?

A: We love pets at SLBR, but unfortunately our furry friends are pretty hard on upholstery, so they are not allowed on our vessel.

Q: Can I take the boat to another lake?

A: We are called Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals, the answer will unfortunately be no.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We’re able to take any form of payment with our mobile Point Of Sale Machine. However we cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. Reservation deposits must be made via e-transfer or in person.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: The weather network can be very deceiving, lets not be so quick to cancel if the weather doesn’t look perfect a few days before your rental. We’ve been noticing that the weather has been turning out better than predicted. With this in mind, our policy is this, prior to 72hrs from the rental date we will cancel your rental, and refund the full amount. Within 72hrs we will re-schedule your rental to another suitable day. If an unexpected downpour happens on your rental day, we will defer your remaining hours to another day, or allow you to use up those hours if the weather clears. If the weather turns bad before you take the boat out we will refund you or find another amenable solution. We reserve the right to cancel the rental (with refund) at our discretion if we feel the weather conditions are unsafe for boating.

Q: Can I hire a captain?

A: Carlos or Greg would be happy to operate the boat for a carefree day on the water. We will coach your group wake surfing and wake boarding as well. The cost is $100 for a three hour rental or $200 for a six hour rental.

Q: How old do I have to be to rent a boat?

A: Our policy is that you must be 21 years old to rent one of our vessels!

Q: Where do I park?

A: The best parking lot for us is the old Wild Rapids waterpark parking lot. This is the closest place to our meeting place on the Sylvan Lake pier known as Centennial Park.