You can’t beat a Heyday for towboat value. Heyday boats were introduced to the tow boat market to offer maximum value. Therefore the boat cost us less and we are able to pass the savings on to you! Public fuel is not available anymore so we have a flat rate for fuel as shown below.

Our boats are available on a three, six or eight hour basis.

Heyday WT-Surf Rates


$450 for 3hrs plus fuel

$750 for 6hrs plus fuel

Full day (8hrs) $800 plus fuel (applies to full day rates below}

2 Day $775/day

3-4 Days $750/day

5-6 $700/day

Weekly @ $650/day


$450 for 3hrs plus fuel

$800 for 6hrs plus fuel

Full day (8hrs) $850 plus (applies to rates below)

2 Day $825/day

3-4 Days $800/day

Seadoo Spark Trixx 3up

$120 for 1 hr
$85 for additional hours

$450 for 6 hours

Fuel cost is included for Seadoo’s

BBQ Boats

2 1/2 Hr Cruise for $250

If you’re a repeat customer we offer a $50.00 discount on any rental period for the boats!!

Carlos or Greg would be happy to operate the boat for a carefree day on the water. We will coach your group wake surfing and wake boarding as well. The cost is $100 for a three hour rental or $200 for a six hour rental. Please request this service in advance.

Now just for interests sake let’s compare your cost per hour to a date night at the movies:

Cost per person to go to the movies (including snacks) is $20/hour

Cost of boat rental and gas for a group of 10 works out to approximately $15/person/hour

And you don’t get a sun tan at the movie theatre!