Rules and Regulations

Zero tolerance drug & alcohol policy

SLBR reserves the right to cancel the rental if drugs or alcohol are present on board. We promote safe boating for yourself, and all other passengers on the boat. As well as everyone else on the water. If the authorities catch you with alcohol on board, and the boat is impounded, you will be held liable for any associated fees and loss of revenue to Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals.


Use of PFD’s

Children under the age of 16 must wear a life jacket at all times. The use of life jackets for adults is at your own discretion and liability. Appropriate sized jackets for each member of your whole group will be provided.


No Towing allowed

In case of mechanical failure please phone SLBR and we will come rescue you.

Please do not allow another boat to tow you off the lake. We will do this so you are not liable for any extra damages that could occur in this process.

If you see another boat in distress, please go help them. By having a temporary, or permanent boating licence you are legally obligated to do so. If their boat is sinking move all passengers onto our boat and phone us immediately. If there are injuries call 911 as police and fire can respond to the emergency on the water. If the boat is over capacity due to this emergency, continue with distress signals to attract other boaters for assistance. We will arrive as soon as possible and assist in any way possible.



We do not allow customers to anchor the boat. If you need to get off the boat for any reason, please phone us and we will assist you docking at the pier where your rental began.

Propeller Damage

Propellers are very expensive. $1170 dollars to be exact. A damaged propeller is a minimum $1500 charge if it occurs, and will end your rental period immediately. This barely covers our time to pull the boat out of the water and do the work to replace it. A propeller strike can also cause extensive further damage to the boat. The good news is that this never occurs if you follow the instructions given in our orientation.


Sunscreen use on boat

Spray sunscreen is full of chemicals. It WILL stain and damage the upholstery in the boat. Please use lotion type sunscreens, or apply them off of the boat.


No pets on board

SLBR loves pets too, however they can do a lot of damage to the seats and we don’t want you to have to pay for damages.


No smoking on board

Smoking of any kind can burn and damage the upholstery in the boat. Burns will not be accepted as wear and tear and you will be responsible to pay for damages and loss of revenue to SLBR. Smoking can also be an ignition source for explosions.