Kanuk Surf Boards

So we picked up our new Kanuk Boards and hopefully we will be selling their boards in the near future. These are high end wake surf boards hand made here in Canada!


If you look closely you can see three Heyday’s nesting in their natural habitat.


We had ordered the “Shift” and the “ankle Biter”. I have to say that the boards exceeded my expectations in quality and appearance. The shift is carbon fiber with wood inlay. Gorgeous! The Ankle Biter is sleek with nice graphics and lots of grip area for the kids!

“Ya, but Carlos, do they surf well?” you ask.

Exactly my question so I had to go and see for myself! The shift is amazing! It is fast, carve’s well and almost hard to catch the nose in the trough of the wave. I have always been more of a water skier and wakeboarder than into wake surfing. Honestly I had the most fun I have ever had on a wake-surf! I’m surprised a board can make such a huge difference. See you on the pro circuit in a couple of years! LOL


I didn’t try the ankle biter as it is the kids model. Maya will have to give her opinion in the near future!


and see you out on the water!



Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals is stoked to announce our 2nd Heyday WT-Surf!!! This one in a sweet lime green! We now have more availability and more options for all you great surf seekers! Call, email, or text today to book your day on the water!

1913 Days Parade in Sylvan Lake

So this weekend was the 1913 Days Parade in Sylvan Lake. We decided as a new local business that we should participate to show our town spirit. We want to thank the 9 volunteers that helped us out passing out candy, business cards and a discount coupon!



Now we’ve got a boat, who’s the captain?

So today (Monday May 7th) was a big day for Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals! We finally picked up our brand new 2018 Heyday WT-Surf!Boat pick up


So the answer to the million dollar question… Who’s the Captain? The answer might just be YOU!!


Here’s a Picture of the first Launch;

Boat Launch.jpg

and Isabelle’s first Surf!

Isabelle's First Surf.jpg

Also a special shout out to Shipwreck Marine in Edmonton and Lighthouse Marine in Sylvan Lake for the great service!